BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION BBQ Classes by California's top BBQ'rs, Brent and Kim Walton of QN4U BBQ HOUSE and their traveling BBQ team QN4U.  You dont think this class is for you, look who's winning.... our students!  We build champions!!


Want to be the BBQ Champion on your block? Mark your calendars for the BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION HOMESTYLE CLASSES on Nov 13th at QN4U BBQ HOUSE from 11a-3p.

Presented by: California BBQ Association Hall of Famer and Pit Master Brent Walton

Featuring: John "The Sizzle King" Ruloph.

Your Complete BBQ Package will cover:

Grills and Grill types, BBQ fuels, Maintenance and demos/hands on with chicken, ribs, steaks, fruits, veggies, pizza and more! Total Investment: $75.00

January 2011, the BBQ Hall of Fame in Hanford, Ca. More details to follow.



"BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION" BBQ Classes in Arizona 2010.             January 22-23rd 2010 at Lake Pleasant, AZ. COMPLETED.  Thank you very much, now let the BBQ competition begin!!  (We may have accidently spilled some secrets... ooops!) We will be watching our newest students win!


 "BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION" BBQ Classes "Backyard Classes" in Clovis, Ca 2010. COMPLETED. Saturday March 20, 2010 at QN4U BBQ HOUSE.  Thank you.... this one was a blast! We will be doing this class again in the fall!


"BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION" BBQ Classes in Utah 2010.  Join Brent and Kim in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 30th and May 1st.


"BBQ LIKE A CHAMPION" BBQ Classes "Backyard Classes" in Clovis, Ca 2010.  Coming this Fall.... stay tuned!



 More information coming soon, but if you grow impatient... Feel free to call me at 559-765-4078


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